Latest Gadgets That Can Bring Down Chances Of Car Accidents

There was a time when cars were considered a luxury that could only be availed by a certain section of our society. However, it has evolved into the common man’s utility by having our back whether we are going to work or play. An increasing number of cars on the road has also added impetus to the number of car accidents. In most cases, it is caused unintentionally by inattentive driving. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a list of gadgets that can deliver a safer riding experience.

  • Automatic emergency brakes are a brand-new technology sending alerts to drivers about possible crashes. This can help hit the brakes and get effective results even when the car is at its top speed. Usually, alerts are sent to the driver whenever the car crosses its safety threshold. However, if the driver turns a deaf ear to such alerts, then the brakes apply automatically and bring the car to a sudden halt. Automatic emergency brakes come in three variants. The first one can prevent whiplash and minor crashes by detecting cars moving ahead. Next comes brakes with a long-range radar for scanning 200 meters of the road ahead. Last but not least comes a specialized pedestrian system that can prevent serious road mishaps by detecting pedestrian movements. 
  • Heads up display operates via augmented reality so that the driver can enjoy the entire road network layout. As a result, he can receive emails, messages, texts, and more without getting distracted. They can also take phone calls and perform other smartphone activities without getting their focus shifted from the road ahead. 
  • A 360° back camera can offer drivers a complete view of their surroundings. This smart technology can massively benefit amateur drivers while trying to park in crowded lots. Sensors present in the camera can detect nearby objects and send notifications through a beep sound to alert the driver. 
  • Checking the car tire pressure becomes easy with a tire gauge that can display accurate readings. Notifications are sent to the drivers whenever the tire pressure drops below permissible limits to prevent accidents from occurring due to the same. You also won’t have to take your cars for checkups and maintenance as the digital tire gauge can deliver instant results. 
  • Modern cars are accompanied by smart auto-steering technology which can help in making slight diversions. This technology works in close association with the auto emergency braking technology to help drivers exercise control over the car. 
  • Installing a forward collision warning gadget can prevent collisions that would have otherwise happened from the forward movement of the vehicle. A combination of GPS sensors, laser, camera, and radar helps to perceive potential threats. 

Final Words

Despite taking adequate precautions, car accidents might happen. Other than property damage, it can also lead to permanent physical disability or disfigurement. A car accident attorney in Huntington Beach can have your back in the negotiation process with insurance companies so that you can get fair compensation for all the economic, physical, and mental damages sustained in the mishap.