How to choose a heavy truck tire?

As a fleet operator, you must be committed to choosing the most reasonably priced and highest quality equipment for your trucks. However, you might be taking the most critical purchase for granted: the truck tires. Considering the design and operations, truck tires are made differently. Choosing the right variant can save you a significant investment per truck.

When it comes to purchasing a heavy truck tire, you tend to stumble upon too many options. You need to consider driving conditions, off-road routes, loads and environmental conditions before making the big decision. Have you wondered how much you can save per year with the right choice of heavy truck tires?

Things to consider when you buy a heavy truck tire

 We have compiled the most relevant aspects for you to consider, when you make your next purchase.

  1. Driving application and routes

The leading truck tire suppliers recommend these products, considering specific applications. You will come across particular tread designs, tire construction and rubber compounds, meant for the long haul journeys. Again, the experts will advise you to go for other variants when you drive in urban settings, regional routes and off the roads.

In case you end up using a truck tire in the wrong application, it would fail to fulfil your expectations. In these situations, you would notice premature wear and tear. For instance, if you purchase a tire meant for long haul in the urban areas, the tread is likely to scrub off prematurely.

  1. Consider load capacity

Truck tires come under significant strain when you drive across the country with bulky loads and heavy equipment. While purchasing these tires, consider the maximum load capacity. You might have a consultation with the manufacturer or supplier regarding the load capacity. They will guide you about the performance of the tires under different levels of stress.

In the process, you can rest assured that the vehicles, along with your driver would remain safe under peak conditions.

  1. Get a warranty

Your purchase, backed by a warranty, turns out to be a good deal. With a warranty, you would remain insured against defects in the tire from the manufacturer’s end. Eventually, you get to use the tires for long enough before you pay for the new tire. In general, the leading brands offer 7 years of warranty for heavy truck tires, along with 3 retreads.

  1. General considerations

When you choose a heavy truck tire for commercial use, there would be some obvious general considerations. Look out for tires that come with high marks for braking, handling and hydroplaning resistance. Besides, you must be having a list to ensure comfort during the rides. Other aspects to consider include the noise level and tread style.

Fleet owners often take a note of certain issues based on the location of their business. This includes different types of terrains and weather conditions.

Buying used tires: Should you go for it?

Well, you might be calculating the cost-benefit ratio at the back of your mind. However, we recommend not to purchase a used tire unless the condition is emergent. The reason is, fleet owners purchasing these tires never get to know how the old tire was previously used. Neither do they have any knowledge about the conditions in which it worked. Eventually, an inferior quality tire can fail in critical situations, leaving the vehicle stranded.

In case you are looking for a low-cost solution, you might consider retreading. Besides, the reputed suppliers would guide you in choosing the right kind of tire. For instance, you may go for all-season, all-terrain or mud-terrain tires for your trucks. With professional advice from the experts, you would be putting your bucks in the right basket.