Approaching Collision Repair Shop For Your Vehicle – Here are Few Questions To Ask

If you have met with a car collision, it might be in the worst nightmare to cope up mentally and financially. Though the car collision requires you to approach auto body repair in Shreveport immediately, you need to gather mental stability and think wisely. Brock’s Collision Centers provides an all-in-one solution for any kind of car collision repairs in Shreveport and Bossier City.

Approaching any of the collision repair shops can create mental trauma and you might get trapped in it, if it does not turn up to your expectations. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before handing the gears to the repair shop.

  •     Experience:

The first and foremost is the experience of the repair shop owner and its credibility in the successful completion of collided vehicles. You should only count on the collided repairs and not the routine maintenance since maintenance experts are completely different.

  •     Tie-up with insurance companies:

There are insurance companies that have tie-ups with a repair shop in Shreveport. If you approach the insurance company’s recommendation, the paper-work will be faster and easy for claim settlement. However, the quality of the service should always be a priority.

  •     Warranty/Guarantee:

You should know the warranty/guarantee terms of both the replacement of the components as well as repairing the portion in detail.

  •     Towing service:

Generally, the repair shop in Shreveport offers towing service as a part of the consolidated estimate. They charge a lesser amount in comparison with those offering especially towing services. The towing service is important to avoid further damages to your vehicle since driving the damaged vehicle is a risky affair, even though the vehicle can be easily driven.

  •     Loaner vehicles:

If your vehicle is going to take a longer period for repair, few repair shop in Shreveport offers rental cars on loan to drive. If your car is in repair during the warranty period, providing a loaner vehicle is mandatory. You can even ask for reimbursement for the inconvenience caused to you.

  •     Time-frame:

Even though the exact time-frame cannot be ascertained in deep collision, there are always thumb-rules with any of the repair shops. You need to ask about the tentative repair schedule and the guestimate of major activities that needs to be completed.

  •     Estimates:

It is utmost important that you get a written tentative estimate of repairable/replaceable damaged components, labor work, time-frame, and every inclusions/exclusion in it. This will help you know the exact cost and the items that are included/excluded by the insurance companies.

  •     Spare-parts:

If you are not approaching a company-approved repair shop, mostly you will find aftermarkets or OEM spare parts used instead of original spares. Thus, you need to confirm the quality of the spares used.

  •     Paints:

The paint of the repaired/replaced portion should match with the existing one. The repair shop should identify the exact color code and accordingly do the paint job.

  •     Payment policy:

The last but very important is to finalize the payment policies as in – the advance, on-job, and after completion and handing over the vehicle.

At the end of the day, you should be able to get back the vehicle in a hassle-free manner, with all the paperwork, and without unlawful cost.